St Patrick’s Day celebrations are back with Global Greening in full swing all over the world.  

Is your business taking advantage of this crock of gold?

Holidays are a great opportunity to reach audiences you might not naturally connect with.  They tend to be celebrations and are ideal occasions to personalise your business while injecting a bit of humour.  This is particularly useful if your product and services are of a more serious nature.

While non-retail businesses will be closed on 17/18th March prospects and clients will still be scrolling.  Will you be there to help them find what they are looking for and to wish them a “Happy St. Patrick’s Day❓” 

Social media and other digital marketing techniques are an ideal vehicle to help your business start conversations any time of the day or night and get a slice of that Green pie.

If you’re looking for inspiration, look no further than the big brands. Many have for some time recognised that St Patrick’s Day is an ideal way to build brand awareness and customer engagement. They put a lot of thought and resources into creating clever, on-brand St Patrick’s Day-themed promotions. e.g.

Guinness – All together with Guinness this St Patrick’s Day

McDonald’s – The Shamrock Shake #shamrockSZN

Jameson – St Patrick’s Days – highlighting the 2 day bank holiday

You too can create themed digital marketing campaigns so your business can join the party without breaking the bank. e.g.

Getting involved requires a bit of creativity and time but will bring you closer to your customers and prospects.

It’s amazing that a small country on the edge of Europe can reach audiences around the world on this annual holiday.

Check out the 2022 holiday calendar and plan your next digital marketing campaign.

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