What do dating apps like Tinder and marketing your business have in common? 

To celebrate Valentine’s Day we’re sharing some digital marketing tips so the perfect date, aka your ideal customer “Swipes Right”.

Digital marketing is the ideal platform to woo your target customer and help them to fall in love with your brand. 

Not all that different from securing the perfect date!

Like dating, you need to get noticed.  It is unlikely that you would walk up to a blank stranger and ask them out, so positioning your business in places you know they frequent makes sense.

3 Valentine’s Day tips to help you woo your ideal customer:

💗 Identify who they are, where they hang out and fine-tune your marketing message to attract their attention.

💗 Regular Google reviews –  just like an introduction from a mutual friend.

💗 Create simple messages of love and appreciation for your existing partners and/or customers through attractive image posts on social media.

So, now you have piqued their interest, what next?

If your goal is to direct them to your website, will it meet their expectations? Find out how to make sure they hang around long enough to take the desired actions.

How User friendly is your website?

Just like your dating profile, your business should be making a good first impression. Search engines such as Google are constantly searching websites to determine which can have the prized position at the top of the results page.

Most users are not going to look through every website to find what they are looking for. Having your business as far up the results page as possible is going to increase your chances of finding new customers.

One factor Google looks at is whether websites are user friendly. This can include whether the page is mobile-friendly. With 81% of web searches now conducted by mobile, your business could be missing out on meeting the perfect match.

There are free tools available online that rate how optimized your website is for mobile users.


Keywords are crucial for defining your website’s rank in search engine results. Like how in your dating profile you highlight your best characteristics, keywords emphasize your business’ key features.

It can be hard to pick out all the relevant keywords to give your business the best chance at success. Google ads offer lists of keywords relevant to your business.


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